Sunday, February 20, 2000

Dream 02/20/00

I was part of a hunting party. Not hunting for meat, but for a man. He was a criminal who had escaped his emprisonment, and we were trying to track him down and return him. We had tracked him to an ancient church ground, one still enthused with the energy of the distant past. The building was made of stone, with no gargoyles, and few windows. I had never seen the building before, but it was in an isolated valley, so I must have just missed it. We stopped the group outside, and prepared to enter and search. We didn't see any horses outside, so we figured the place was empty except for our quarry.

We were wrong.

The front doors swung open and a procession of Warriors filed out. Our man was in the middle, marching with head high, no fear on his face at all. I remember that being significantly different from his expression as we had seen it on the spyscopes from a distance the other day. He had been running for his life, and the evidence of fear had been paplable even from the distance we were watching him at. Not so any more. He was in a state of peace as the procession marched up to the leader of our hunting party, and he presented himself. The lead hunter was surprised, but accepted his surrender with honor, and made preparations to return him home. The captive was given bread and meat, and wine. He had not eaten for 3 days while he was running.

Then the leader of the procession stepped out of the church. He was a tall man, at least 7' tall. The only thing clear about him was his eyes. He turned his head to view the entire scene, and his gaze seemed to have a message for everyone it touched. When he turned to me, the effect was profound. This was Thor, in the flesh or nearly. He was presenting a side that we had not seen before, one of peace and love. There was almost a female aspect to him, and I wondered what had caused the difference. Then the memories hit me. Memories of my own loves of the past, some who had passed on to Asgard, some that I just hadn't seen in a long time. I felt the sorrow of loss like it had never hit me before. I didn't collapse, but I did lean up against the ancient stone to use it's support.

When his eyes turned to mine, his presence seemed to multiply until he was covering my entire field of vision. But not just vision. Every sense was being in his company. I could feel the power of the storm behind his breath, and I could see the lightning flashing in his eyes. But what I most felt was love. And then it occured to me what had happened. The procession of Warriors was a funeral march, and the hunting party that I was with was a troop of Valkyrie, sent to receive a Warrior from Earth who had finished his cycle. The love in the eyes of Thor/Odin/Frigga was the love of the Gods toward all mankind.

They feel our pain, and wish to make their love known to us.

Can you feel it?

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