Friday, December 06, 2002

New Taxes, and other news

A new tax cut package? I'd love to know exactly how that's going to boost the economy. As proven by the greatest economic president of all time, the best way to stimulate the economy is spending. The only way to pay for spending is taxes. That's why the income taxes were invented in the 1930's to begin with! The government is by definition BROKE! No money, unless it is provided by the citizens. Thus, the income tax. Now Bush wants to nearly do away with the Income Tax, and Increase Spending to boost the economy? !

Someone send this guy to Logic 101.

Iraq hands over their WMD records tomorrow. 13,000 pages worth. And they keep claiming that the programs no longer exist. I think (and hope) that they are telling the truth. Getting the economic sanctions lifted is so far and away more important than developing weapons that would do their country no good.

But all I can do is wait, watch and hope. The alternative is unthinkable.

Dear Israel,

Stop it. Every person you kill causes someone else to want to kill one of yours. Break the cycle on your end, and they will stop it on theirs.

Dear Winona Rider (and I can't believe I'm seeing this in the news again),

Get over yourself. You have no excuse. You could BUY one of the Saks stores outright, and you choose to steal from them? ! I hope you come up with a really good excuse, but it won't fly with me.

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