Friday, May 16, 2003

Dear Mr. LaRouche supporters

I have been reading the speeches and positions of Lyndon LaRouche for a long time, and I like some of his ideas and appreciate his steadfastness.

However, from what I saw last night, your candidate will never gain the support of the Democratic Party. I attended my first political meeting at the Washington 46th District Democratic meeting on Thursday, May 15, 2003. There were about 15 Larouche Youth Movement volunteers that everyone welcomed at the beginning of the meeting. They handed out the literature, talked to people, and right off the bat started insulting people. One older lady was told “we’re going to get rid of all you old fogeys” when she politely declined to receive a copy of the New Federalist. Then, in the middle of a very full agenda, while an office worker from Senator Patty Murray’s office was talking about the current legislation in the US House, they stood up and started talking about how LaRouche was “the only issue in the Democratic Party”, and that anything else was ignoring the issues. Their next step was to start singing protest songs and the entire meeting was interrupted for about a half hour until the police arrived to finally escort them out of the room.

This display of unruliness made me ashamed to be even a partial supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, and a repeat of the performance will make these youth unwelcome at any of the Democratic party meetings. In addition, Lyndon LaRouche will not make it onto the ballot in the Democratic Party, and none of his daring plans to rescue the US and world economies will even be considered.

I implore your campaign leadership to conduct better training for your youth, specifically to teach them Robert's Rules of Order and the importance of following them. If they are unable to do this, another election will go by and will be yet another failure for the causes you fight for.

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