Monday, January 12, 2004

the tide

“I come to you now, at the turning of the tide.” – Gandalf the White

Like a tide, darkness has swept across our land. Our economy struggles, our security is in question, our children are not reaching their potential, and the health and well being of our people are in jeopardy.

Think about the American Dream. Can it still catch the attention of people in far off lands, and draw them to our land of opportunity? Does the United States still hold up the beacon of hope to the world in a dark age, or are we drawing closed the lantern? Think about our planet, the glorious blue marble that shines in the sky. How long can this world support her people if the people do not work tirelessly to support the world and everything on it?

The tide must turn. A tide of thought, care and humanity must sweep the darkness back again. This is a tide of people who want their voices heard, their children protected, and their world saved. You are one of those people.

On February 7th, the Washington State Democratic Party will be holding their Precinct Caucuses to determine who the chosen candidate of the Democratic Party will be in the 2004 election. This is our first chance to bring our voices into a choir heard across the nation. We can turn this country around. We can light the beacon of hope.

Look, learn, listen, read, think, act, vote. This is the legacy that we have been given by the founders of our country. This is the duty that we accept as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. This is the responsibility of everyone who wishes the tide to turn. Please, find out where your precinct caucus will be held, and attend.

We come to you now, because only you can turn the tide.

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