Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Kerry must choose his cabinet NOW!

Dear Senator Kerry,

The response to your petition demanding Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation shows that America is starving for alternative voices of reason. You are one of those voices, but only one. I am one of many who believe that you must begin naming the people who will take the place of Rumsfeld, Thompson, Rice and all of the other cabinet positions. Then these people should start to show the American People why they should vote for you in November, because not only will they have an opportunity to get rid of George Bush, but hey will be much more comfortable with the group of people that will be taking over.

Following this plan will also help to avoid one of the main problems that haunted the beginning of the Bush Administration. It took him 7 months to finally get all of his cabinet and staff in place, effectively ignoring the thread of terrorism while this was happening. You must show the world that your administration will be ready to completely take over operations on January 21st without skipping a beat.

I know that you are working through the process of choosing your Vice President, and that the process is being compressed as much as possible. Please consider bringing the rest of your cabinet together at the same time. I think this is the best possible solution for your campaign and the country.