Saturday, January 01, 2005

Zeus and Apollo

Z: So, what's the latest update?

A: She seems to be degenerating at an accelerating place. The cancer is continuing to find new places to expand, and the growths are consuming all of the resources that they can reach.

Z: What have we tried?

A: The natural antibodies have a limited effect, but the cells change and adapt just as quickly by isolating the antibodies in specific regions of the body to prevent them from spreading and having more of an effect. It's disturbing to watch, although I will admit it's fascinating.

So, we will need to continue to resort to drastic measures. We do have Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy working on the problem, but we may need to step up the dosage. The cells are generating enough waste material that it may be unnecessary to add anything external to the mix. However, I think an increase in radiation may be necessary. I'm afraid She might go into seizure sometime soon.

Z: Is there anything that we can do with the cells themselves to change the outcome?

A: We have been trying, but that is turning out to be more complicated than we thought. It's almost like they are outside the influence of the rest of the body. Maybe we need to select a small number of them and reconnect them to the overall patterns. Then we would have to support the growth of these cells and help to spread them around the entire body.

Z: That idea sounds like it has promise. How should we proceed?

A: Certain changes in the way cells interact with their environment would be encouraged. They can be modified to produce less waste, which would result in faster growth of these cells. The problem is that other cells may try to take advantage of their success.

Z: What if we made these changes in one of the clusters of cells that do the most damage? Then the cells would have more resources in the first place, and their growth might have more of an impact.

A: That might take a while, but I agree that it is worth trying. Let's try both. We can help cells in both situations. If we don’t do something soon, the entire body might start to fail. Let's start here…

The cancer is us. Pollution is the chemotherapy. Global warming is the radiation.
We have a chance to make a difference. Get active. Stay active. Vote.

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