Friday, June 24, 2005

Re: Dividers, Not Uniters

Senator Kerry,

You fail to see the point. Karl Rove said what he said because he does not care what we think, nor does he think the American people care. George Bush will support Karl Rove. The Republican Party will support the administration, just as the Talking Heads support it. This is a distraction for the Senate, the House and the Media. Dodge the distraction, and get on message. Stop caring what they think or what they say, and start caring about America.

You're right, they are dividing America. We are more divided now than we were in 1862. But now there is no Mason-Dixon line. Now the divisions are drawn through cities and towns, down streets and down the centers of dinner tables where our families sit down to eat dinner. The Civil War may have ended in the 1860's, but the issues were never resolved. That's why the Southern Strategy works. America is already divided, and we are weak because of it. We were strong before September 11th, we were stronger immediately after that tragedy, but we are weaker now than we have ever been before. And it's not because Liberals don't support America, nor is it because Conservatives think they do. It's because one side will not listen to the other side. There is no American understanding. There is no moderate stance. Not anymore. With him or against him was the choice that he laid on the table. There is no other option.

The budget for Human services that just passed the House points out one thing. The Republicans may say that they love America, but they hate Americans who need their help. And that hate will either be their undoing, or will cause this entire country to self-destruct.

Please get on message. National Health Care, Responsible Energy Policy, Education for All. Protect our children, our elderly and support our veterans. Don't bother to debate their distractions, don't listen to their lies. They hate Americans, and they don't care. They prove that with every speech and every vote. George Bush does not care about America. Say that on the Senate Floor, and you'll get more support than you can possibly imagine. I might even start supporting you again. But only if you tell the truth and refuse to apologize for it.

Chad Lupkes

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