Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Note to city: Give the people what they want

I am very frustrated about the future of the monorail in Seattle. It is cheaper per mile, more fun to ride, capable of going more places and just plain better than any of the other options that are being built with our tax dollars. The only problem with the monorail has been the lack of support from city, county and state elected officials, and the lack of competence within the leadership of the project, who all seem to have been appointed by the people who never supported the project to begin with.

I want the Green Line built. Mayor Greg Nickels is wrong to demand a fifth vote on the monorail; I do not support his re-election because of that and a number of other decisions he has made regarding construction and development in Seattle. He is putting the needs of the people behind the desires of developers and richer residents.

We don't need a new election for the monorail. There have been four elections, with each opposition campaign better and better funded throughout the years, and it has always passed. Seattleites want the monorail built. What the project needs is good leadership with the experience and drive to get the job done. With the new director, John Haley, we might have who we need to finish the project. Give us what we've wanted for 40+ years -- a monorail that actually goes places.

Chad Lupkes

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