Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Message Rant

I just came back from the November 15th Organizing Kickoff that the DNC held tonight. The new mantra of "America can do better" isn't even getting out of the starting gate for me. I want to hear something more. I think America deserves more from our founding political party, the party of Thomas Jefferson.

The basic idea behind the conservative movement is that if I cannot afford to pay for a good or a service, whatever it is that I am looking at, I don't deserve that good or service. I don't deserve food unless I can pay for it. I don't deserve health care, retirement security, housing, education, etc.

I believe that Americans deserve more than what we are getting. We deserve retirement security. We deserve a good educational foundation. We deserve to be secure in our homes and private affairs. We deserve equal opportunities in the job market. We deserve a health care system that works for everyone. We deserve election systems that we can trust.

Our farmers deserve a chance to take care of their land and provide the food that we put on the table. Our children deserve a healthy and safe environment that shows them that they are cared for, loved and listened to. Our seniors deserve a chance to enjoy their time, and know that they are respected and loved. Our allies around the world deserve an America that stands for justice and equality, and lives up to that promise by actions, not words and rhetoric. Americans deserve a government that helps people when they are in trouble, and that is determined to build a strong financial, moral and legal foundation so that our people have the security to look forward into the future with hope instead of wasting time worrying or being afraid of what might happen.

Of course "America can do better". But that's a failed message right from the start because it doesn't define what American can do better AT. We have a long way to go, but we have to get the right message down, vetted and practiced.

America deserves better.

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