Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shut it down

Dear Democrats in Congress,

I've had enough. I've watched enough news, watched enough death, watched enough incompetence, enough, enough, enough.

Shut it down. I mean Congress. I mean the US House and US Senate. Obstruct everything. Stop everything. No more floor debates, no more back-room deals, no more legislation, no more purse strings, no more purse.

The Bush administration is destroying this country and destroying this planet. And they're doing it on purpose. They wanted this war. They wanted the destruction in the Middle East. They want the Constitution to go away. They don't want Democracy in Iraq, they don't want it in the Middle East, and they don't want it in the US. They came into office looking to create an Empire out of a Democracy. They came into office with the intent to destroy this country. They are all traitors, but they're the ones in power.

Stop this administration. I'm going to make this call. One last attempt to work within the existing political system. You have the power to shut the Congress down. You can call the question, filibuster, etc., etc., do all the tricks using Roberts Rules, give speeches to the press, etc. You can do this. Texas Dems showed the way. I hear Toronto is really nice this time of year.

However, I'm guessing you won't. You won't get this message. You won't hear the call. Bush will let Israel continue to destroy Lebanon and Syria, and then we will be going into Iran. And 1 Billion people will declare war on the United States from all over the planet. We're not fighting countries anymore. We're not fighting an Axis of known powers. Bush is fighting against the people of the Middle East and those people are not going to take it anymore. And we're going to pay the price.

You probably won't hear this call. And you won't shut down the Congress. And in November, 65% of voters will vote for Democrats, but 16% of those people will be removed from the voting rolls. And we'll lose.

So say goodbye to your children. Say goodbye to your country, say goodbye to the planet. By not stopping Bush, we will have destroyed ourselves. It won't be immediate. It will take decades. But it will be unavoidable.

When/If Jesus returns, he will return to a world with an average temperature of 150 degrees F, and he will have to go through a thousand years of detox before they will let him return to Heaven because of the radiation fallout.

Stop this administration. Now.

Chad Lupkes
Seattle, Washington

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nkayesmith said...

I like it. You should make it a petition.
--nkayesmith from campaigns wikia.