Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dear Mr. Lame Duck

You stupid idiot.

You damned fool.

Sure, you can fight fire with fire, if you're willing to watch the entire building or forest burn down. Sure, you can fight terror with terror, if you're willing to watch the Constitutional Rights of our people erode and disappear. But by saying that we can't leave Iraq until we "succeed", without giving a definition of success that all sides of the conflict can agree on, you're saying basically nothing.

You fight fire with water, in order to put the fire out. You fight terror with hope, in order to heal the people and the community.

The United States must leave Iraq. Whether that is immediately, on a specific time-table, or based on real and achievable milestones is up to the Iraqi people and the American people working together.

Go ahead. Stay on your high horse. Stay safe in your marble mansion. You have already lost this war. You have already committeed war crimes, and destroyed not one, not two, but three countries. Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States will be feeling the effects of the last 6 years for at least a century, and the entire world will suffer for it.

You're not a leader. You're a lame duck. Just go away.

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