Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dear Governor Gregoire,

Dear Governor Gregoire,

I just heard on the radio that you oppose the rule of law. That you
oppose holding people accountable. I heard that you don't have enough
confidence in the grassroots of our party, nor in the elected
representatives of our party, to believe that we can do more than one
thing at a time.

I heard that you oppose the resolution introduced by Senator Eric
Oemig, SJM8016.

I'm on fire because of what this administration has done over the last
6 years. Aren't you? I'm furious to the point of losing my mind
about the carnage that we are waging in Iraq and around the world on
the order of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
I'm incensed that they were allow to steal not one, not two but three
election cycles without any accountability.

The NICEST thing that I can say about how I feel is that I want Dick
Cheney and George Bush impeached. Their actions over the past 6 years
are the reason that I am active in the Democratic Party, because the
party is the last, best hope for the US Constitution, the Rule of Law,
and the future of the world my children and grandchildren will be
living in.

That's why I'm insulted and ashamed when I hear that someone I respect
so much, who has been doing a fantastic job over the last 2 years as
governor of the greatest state in the United States, claims that
defending our values and our country against a domestic enemy is
nothing but a "distraction" from the real priorities that we should be
focused on.

I ask you, Governor. Can't you handle complexity?

Chad Lupkes
Seattle, Washington

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