Monday, March 26, 2007

From KUOW on Weekday: Dark Matter & Energy

Listening to a scientist on KUOW is great. Today they had a String Theory guy on. They talked a little bit about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Made me come up with these thoughts. Don't know if they're accurate, and I don't know if they constitute a theory, but I thought I would record them.

Dark Matter - this is matter that has been accellerated above the speed of light, causing the mass of that matter to increase. I heard him say that 95% of the matter in the universe is this type of Dark Matter, and if they were going fast enough, it wouldn't take much.

We can't percieve Dark Matter because we are dependent on light to percieve things.

Dark Energy - When matter crosses the threashold of the speed of light, gravity reverses and repels instead of attracts. We can see the effects of Dark Energy because this is the force that is pushing the galaxies apart faster and faster.

So there we go. Crazy ideas, but they take in what I know and they're pushing the envelope.

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