Friday, April 20, 2007


I heard something interesting today. French Presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen was asking on a talk show how many French grandparents someone should have to be considered "truly French".

I wonder. How many German grandparents were required to be considered truly German in 1930?

I also heard that part of the "debate" in the Washington State Senate about Senator Oemig's Investigation & Impeachment bill was which political party was more patriotic. How many people have been killed in Iraq, and how many of our civil liberties have been torn to shreds, seems to have taken a back seat to the importance of which party would outdo the other by having American Flags on their desks, and the Democrats won by having theirs lowered to half-mast. Isn't that special...

Nationalism has it's place. It should be something that enhances pride in a nation's accomplishments, and it should help create an identity that helps enhance the positive view that people from other countries have of us. But it should not be a contest on who has the most Gravitas or who's flagpole is bigger. All of those kinds of contests are a way to avoid the real issues that are taking the lives of our young people and destroying our country.

So my message to politicans all over the world is this: Get over yourselves, and start paying attention to the real issues. Or you will be replaced. I don't care which party you hail from, or what country. The people are sovereign on this planet.

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Rob J said...


Thank you for calling into question the bi-partisan stupidity of both political parties. Whether it is the minutemen "militia" insisting on a fence to keep out low wage Roman Catholic Mexicans or the equally pernicious abortion-fascists who insist that any opposition to them are a bunch of right wing fanatics (most of us are just plain old Fathers, Mothers, Nuns, Priests, Rabbis, Inmans, et al), such stupidity is killing our country.

What is patriotic about building a chain link fence across the Arizona/New Mexico dessert? Similarly what is patriotic about demonizing abortion opponents, calling them right wing fanatics?

And yes, the Party of Mediocrity (Democrat & Republican, same Party!) will be quickly replaced by the TRUEST Americans, those who lead by moral ideal. TRUTH, JUSTICE, COURAGE, SELF-SACRIFICE, SELF-CONTROL, MODESTY, etc.

Thank you Chad for being one such Ideal-instantiating American.

Rob J King