Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I don't have Clearwire

My wife and I are still using as our Internet Service Provider, in spite of some ongoing customer service issues, which haven't really gone away, and it's upwards of $50 dollars a month for 99% service. Not the best deal in the world.

We keep getting offers from Clearwire, and for something like $35 per month we could have something I could take with me around the city, with no hassles. So the question is why haven't we switched yet?

Because they're amazingly dumb. I'll get it eventually, just for the convenience, but the only person they ever send their offers to is Debi's first husband, Jason, who has been dead since 1998. Like I said; dumb.

I'm posting this on the off chance that a top of the line Internet company has someone keeping an eye on the blogs for posts about their name, so maybe they can take Jason's name off their mailing list and prove that they are not, well, dumb.

Nuff said.


Judy Mitchell said...

Dear Chad,

I am sorry for the inconvenience of receiving mail addressed to Jason. We are the agency that oversees the Clearwire mailings. Our Clearwire client contacted us regarding your blog post. We would be happy to remove him from our mailing list if you could please provide his full name and address. Please send this information to

Chad Lupkes said...

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply! Maybe there is hope for the Information Age after all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chad,

I am a member of Judy Mitchell's team at Kern and have added Jason to the Do Not Mail file. We also forwarded the information to Clearwire to ensure that he is removed from all marketing channels. Unfortunately, since we have a few mailings already at the printer, it is possible that you will receive one or two more pieces of mail addressed to Jason.

We appreciate your feedback and share your concern about the amount of time it takes to remove the deceased from mailing lists.

We hope you will continue to consider switching to Clearwire.

C.J. Minster
Assistant Account Executive
The Kern Organization

Chad Lupkes said...

Editors Note: I got Clearwire about a month after this last response.