Saturday, September 22, 2007

John Edwards in Seattle, September 19th

These are my raw notes from the event. I'll clean them up as I have time. I don't type well enough to do quotes, so much of this is my interpretation of what he said, not the words he used.

John Edwards event, SEattle, 20070919


Paul Berendt

Jenny Durkins, chair of the campaign in Washington


Health Care
global warming
carbon caps to 80%
Sacrifice needed.
economic inequality, worst since Depression
surge in NOLA
9.5 per hour, indexed
unions supported
college access
College for Everyone: graduate HS, 10 hours a week work, we pay for tuition and boks
housing, predatory lending laws
anti-science, worst in hisotry
stem cells
invest in (double) NIH
scolarship help, in areas we need help, science & math
GW destroyed americas reputation
end the mess in Iraq
congress mandate, 2006, end the war
we elected congress for a change of course,
no funding without timetable, return return return.
end it
we must make him change course.
50K out immiediately
engage sunni, shia, reach compromise
on top of that
close guantanamo, day one
no more secret prisons, no more spying on US, no more torture or condoning torture,
so contrary to what we believe in
what's possible
responsibility to humanity
expand capacity to lead, we must be the light
they care about themselves and the rest of the world.
instead of 500Billion in Iraq, education for 100Million children 4Billion per year
sanitation & clean drinking water around the world.
economic development
microlending, microfinance
american leadership would matter
the righ tthin g to do
in the self interest of america
generation of young people looking at Osama and American making a choice
that choice is up to us.
are we a bully? they join Osama
they see light, they move toward us.
like a magnet
moral force we are capable of being
Pres needs to travel the world an dspeak to the world. Not just leaders, but everyone
what they need to hear
We believe in diversity, we embrase it
all kinds of
respect other people with different cultures and faith believes
the world doesn't believe it, and that must change
take responsibility for this country
do it tgether


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