Monday, December 17, 2007

Staples, go jump off a cliff has a radio ad that is playing on AM1090 here in Seattle. The ad starts with some audio clips from the Apollo 11 moon landing, and then interrupts that audio to plug their special sale of the month or whatever it is that they are selling. Then the announcer guy says dismissively "Now back to that other thing."

Based on these advertisements, I WILL NEVER DARKEN STAPLES DOOR. I like the gimmick of the ad, replacing some kind of news with the "important" offer, but choosing the Apollo 11 moon landing, the pinnacle of scientific and technological achievement of man in all of world history, is an insult to the United States and an insult to mankind itself.

Here's an alternative. Play a news broadcast talking about Paris Hilton, Alex Rodriguez or OJ Simpson, and interrupt that. That would at least be true advertising, because saving $5 or more at Staples is certainly more important than anything that goes on with our Media personalities.

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Darryl Pearce said...

...same commercial plays in Ventura County, CA.

I had the same reaction.