Friday, January 18, 2008

Shades of Myth

Saw a note from Citizens For Legitimate Government this morning about the spread of poppy production in the countries that we have invaded. Both countries that we have invaded and occupied. They are now spreading in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, and Afghan farmers are actually making trips to Iraq to help maximize the yields. One part of the article quote said that the fields that are now producing the opium were once the sources of oranges and pomegranates. My wife, ever the mythologist, mentioned that opium was connected with Hades and Hypnos, while any Pagan worth their athame knows that the pomegranate is the symbol of Persephone. Her comment was that the marriage must not be going very well.

Then the weather of the last few weeks came to mind. Snow in Iraq and Iran. Frost threatening the citrus crops in Florida. Georgia becoming a dessert. Demeter removing her blessing from the land...

We live in times of myth, that will be spoken of by our surviving descendants in hushed tones of awe and wonder. Will it be because we listened to the Earth and learned our lessons, leading to a wonderful future that our children can look forward to? Or will it be because we were hypnotized by our media, failed to listen, and turned the Earth into an dark place of nightmares? Will our grandchildren wonder how we did it, or wonder why we did not?

Δημητρας, ακουμε εσας. Θα μαθουμε. Θα ακουσουμε. Παρακαλουμε να επαναφερετε τις ευλογιες για τη γη, ετσι ωστε να μπορει να επιστρεψει σε σας λατρειας.

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