Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just got a look...

I love Gmail. I love the interface, the search ability, how save it keeps my computer from spam and viruses, and all the cool features.

I've been using it since early 2005, and I just noticed that I now have 80,210 emails in my inbox. "4496 MB (63%) of your 7083 MB".

I just told that to my wife, and she gave me that look again. She tries to keep her inbox with less than 50.

So I'm a geek. And?


WSPC Member said...

Ah ha, so thats why you haven't answered my emails. :)

bushtool said...

I'm at You are currently using 3352 MB (46%) of your 7159 MB.

And I offloaded an entire 7 gigs to Thunderbird once already. So what does that make me? A chronic non-deleter?

btw nice letter to McDermott. But me thinks it is already a done deal. Bush and Cheney's going away present to the American people.

Along with your tax increase provision I would add a provision for non-deductibility of compensation expenses in excess off a formula based on average employee compensation for large employers.