Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear President Obama

Let me make this perfectly clear.

Raise my G-d Damned Taxes!!!

You read that right. You can get another take at Danny Westneat's column today. We don't need tax cuts. We need jobs. We don't need rebates. We need infrastructure.

Please drop ALL of the tax cuts from the Recovery package. Tax cuts will not boost the economy. Sorry, but they won't. What we need is more opportunity to get a better paying job, not a chance to save big.

Reverse the Bush Tax Cuts. Reverse the Reagan Tax Cuts. Put corporate taxes and capital gains taxes on the same tax rate scale as income taxes.

Balance the scales, pay OFF the debt, and get this country moving again. Everyone knows that capital from the top is toxic. Capital at the bottom is a foundation. Give people jobs and pride, not tax cuts and shame.

Chad Lupkes

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