Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sean Salazar is too dangerous to be in the US Senate

I got home from a wonderful Father's Day, and checked my Twitter account for updates. found these:

seanforsenate: The older generation was decimated during the ten year Iraq war…

seanforsenate: 70% of the population of IRAN is under 40 and they are PRO AMERICA….!

seanforsenate: I support complete overthrow in Iran…NOW!

seanforsenate: The U.S Govt. failed to see the generational uprising in Iran. I predicted it over a year ago

Oh, my, frickin', G-d.

First, "seanforsenate" is the campaign Twitter account for Sean Salazar, GOP candidate for US Senate in Washington for the 2010 election cycle.

I'll go through these in the order that they were posted.

"The U.S Govt. failed to see the generational uprising in Iran. I predicted it over a year ago" - Um, as little as I think about how the Bush Administration destroyed foreign relations between our country and the rest of the world, I have real trouble believing that they were THAT STUPID. Give me a break. Anyone with a brain should have been able to see this coming for at least two decades. That it took until last year for Mr. Salazar to see it doesn't bode well for his ability.

"I support complete overthrow in Iran…NOW!" - Really!?! A candidate for the US Senate is advocating for the overthrow of a foreign government? There's a big difference between our people supporting their people as they try to wrestle with the problems of getting fair representation and fair treatment by their government, and actually calling for them to do something this drastic. We should NOT be advocating for violence, and that's exactly what this is no matter how you try to spin the words.

"70% of the population of IRAN is under 40 and they are PRO AMERICA….!" - How do we know that? Show me the polling data. The United States President responded to candle-light vigils in the streets of Tehran after September 11th, 2001 by naming them a member of the "Axis of Evil". We boosted the power of Iran by taking out their biggest boogyman in the region, Saddam Hussein. But that power did not go to the people, it is held by their government. The government that is now shooting at them. That's a really complicated situation over there, Mr. Salazar. Can we please let the professionals, or at least the ADULTS, articulate US Foreign Policy?

"The older generation was decimated during the ten year Iraq war…" - Decimated by WHAT WEAPONS sold to Iraq by WHAT COUNTRY?! Hello?! And yet the people of Iran whose parents were "decimated" by US weapons sold to Iraq are supposed to be 70% in our favor?! In what Michael Steele fantasy world are you living in? Oh, hey, nice picture on your website...

I want all of the violence to stop in Iran. I want the people of Iran to see that the United States is turning away from stupid statements that claim that we in the States have the authority to declare how their government should be designed and how it should function. I want them to believe that when they get through this period, they will have open arms waiting for an opportunity to help them build a positive future for themselves and their children as we move into the future together. That's foreign policy, Mr. Salazar. Not bravado statements that make me want to play "Pin the Brain on the Elephant."


WSPC Member said...

OMG! He is just too scary for words! What, is GOP trying to start another war? How soon some forget or don't know the U.S. cupable in making Iran. Thanks for getting this out there.
He and others like him need to go!

Chad Lupkes said...

The fun continues.

seanforsenate: Am I dangerous to call for Iran to be brought in to the world family?

chadlupkes: @seanforsenate If that's what you had called for, no. But it's not. You called for the overthrow of their government. Big difference.

Feel free to comment!

Benjamin Ady said...

Honestly, does Salazar really stand any sort of chance in '010?

I doubt it. I mean Seattle isn't going to vote for him. When's the last time a U.S. Senatorial candidate won in WA without winning King County? (maybe ... 1994?) things aren't exactly looking rosy for Republicans in general, and I'm guessing the ratio of number of voters in King county to number of voters in the rest of the state has only changed a ton in King County's favor since '94.

just sayin'--don't really think he's going to win.

Benjamin Ady said...

sad, in a way, to see so much money thrown down the tubes by Salazar.

Benjamin Ady said...

Patti Murray looks pretty much unassailable, actually. I mean she voted against the Iraq War resolution!

Chad Lupkes said...

Whether Mr. Salazar will win or not is not my concern, although I agree with you and I'll work as hard as I have to to ensure he doesn't win. My top concern was anyone, especially a candidate for US Senate, saying that kind of foreign policy nonsense.

Rubi said...

Hello, I just want to clarify that Dr. Sean Salazar does not belong to the GOP, he is an independent candidate and he is not wasting any money. Yes he had done fundraising in the past year, but to say much money wasting it seems like he has spend hundred of thousands. In one year he has collected about $35K, most of his campaign is done by volunteers that work many hours without getting paid. I understand if you want to trash a candidate, but do it base on facts and not lies. Thank you

Chad Lupkes said...

Hi Rubi,

The candidate report at the Federal Elections Commission says that he is a candidate of the Republican Party. And his blog post on November 14th declares that he is a candidate of the "New" Republican Party. Does that mean he is part of the "GNP" instead of the "GOP"?

I'm fully aware that he has only raised $34,654 as of September 30, 2009. My blog post doesn't claim that he has spent any more than that. However, $34K is what a lot of people in the state of Washington make in a year, so even that is a significant amount of money.

I'm a partisan progressive Democrat. Thank you for standing up for your candidate, and if you do find something that is demonstratively false, please don't hesitate to let me know. But I'm going to advocate for the platform positions of my party, and talk about people that I do not want elected.