Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some changes at home

Shea's computer was really slow. It's actually Debi's old system, dating back to the mid 1990's. I've boosted it a few times, and it has XP on it, but it really can't handle Youtube and animations. So we had to find a way to get him a computer that worked better. He really likes my desktop, so I asked my friends at Seattle Laptop whether they had a laptop Dock that I could get. They did.

So, my desktop is now up in Shea's room, along with my old monitor. I picked up a new monitor, flatscreen and widescreen, from Best Buy. I also switched out the router that we were using because it was a wireless that I needed for my laptop, which I don't need anymore. Meaning that we have our older wired router for the systems, Shea's computer connects to the router using a powerline connection, and everyone's online.

The last bit I'll say about this is what it makes possible for the 46th. The wireless router that I was using at home is now in the bag with the overhead projector. Anytime I go on the road with the projector, I can plug my Clear modem into the router, and connect via the wireless connection. And so can anyone else at our meetings.

One small step for Shea, one giant leap for the District. Ok, he doesn't think it's that small of a step. The computer upstairs is now a heck of a lot faster.

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