Friday, May 28, 2010

Dear Mr. President about the Gulf Coast

Dear Mr. President,

I know this is tough, but for the Gulf Coast, the future promises to be rough. What you will see will most likely make you want to flee.

The questions from the GOP make me wonder how hard on BP you should actually be. Should the government take over the oil spill response through eminent domain, or should you direct the DOD and Homeland Security to take things over with a military campaign?

With British Petroleum a corporation chartered by the British crown, I wonder what effect it might have for them to see a Royal frown. What is more important to our future, our ability to generate power, or the ability for animals and plants to grow and flower?

While the oil company tries to stop the flow with mud, the rest of the US gets to watch our coast fill up with crud.

People are worried if they will be able to eat the shrimp and fish, but aren't there bigger issues than simply the food on our dish? We all need to learn the lessons of this disaster, by slowing our lives down instead of pushing harder and faster. Think about our natural resources the next time you take a hot shower, because there are much better ways for us to generate that

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Anonymous said...

This oil spill shows you how powerless we really are, what is the president going to do? NOTHING! no one on this planet really knows how to deal with something like this, its trial and error which leads us through life.