Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Gov. Gregoire,

Please do not end the Take Charge Family Planning Program.

Take Charge saves the state money. Take Charge costs approximately $4 million a year. The unintended pregnancy costs in one year for those who are left without services are $45 million.

By cutting $4 million the state will incur $45 million in additional costs this year alone.

If $4 million to fund this program sounds like a lot now, how are we going to pay for the $45 million a year in new pregnancy costs next year which will add to the $3 billion deficit we already know about?
This program has allowed over 400,000 low-income Washingtonians to get the basic health care they need to be healthy and make responsible decisions. Thousands of unplanned pregnancies have been avoided because of this successful and cost-effective program.

The program has improved lives: young women have been able to finish school; families have been able to better to care for the children they already have; women have been able to start a career.

I know we are facing a huge revenue shortfall, and you are forced to make very tough choices. But this cut makes no sense for Washington's families or our budget, since it will cost the state $45 million in the next year.

Please use all of your resources to save this program. None of us can afford for Take Charge to end.


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