Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twelve Steps to recover from a Right Wing Media addiction

1. Admit that we are powerless to control what comes across over the TV and Radio.
2. Come to believe that our community intelligence can restore us to sanity.
3. Make the decision to turn our will and lives over to the pursuit of peace and cooperation instead of power and control.
4. Inventory our issue positions and where those ideas come from.
5. Admit to society and ourselves the exact nature of our assumptions and misconceptions.
6. Become ready for our communities to educate us about those assumptions and misconceptions.
7. Humbly ask for forgiveness from our community.
8. Make a list of everyone we have spread right wing lies to and be willing to educate them on the truth.
9. Make direct amends to such people when possible, except when we get violent or negative reactions from them due to our new-found understanding and community spirit.
10. Continue to educate ourselves on the history and current events, and when we find something that points out another misconception or wrong assumption be ready to admit it.
11. Seek through community dialoge to improve our consious connection with that community, praying that through collective and self-understanding we can achieve a brighter future for ourselves and our children.
12. Having had a community re-awakening, carry the message in our hearts and deeds to engage, educate and empower others to join the effort of building our communities.

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