Monday, June 14, 2004

Boy's Diary

Their first day at school was great! And they really needed shoes, so we went to JC Penny. This was JC Penny at Northgate, and they've moved the childrens clothing and shoes section. They also have three or four cashier blocks per floor, with one person manning each one. Where are the other salespeople? Good question, since we couldn't find one. So, we went to Nordstrom.

What a difference! And with the Women's & Kids Half Yearly sale, and my 20% employee discount, we found a pair of velcro shoes for Shea that he can handle himself, and a new pair of shoes for Daniel that he loves! Why? Because they're Bionocle from Lego, and they look like golden robot boots! Here's hoping they last long enough. Sarah may think I'm spoiling them, but that wasn't the reason we bought shoes. They needed new ones, and Daniel actually tossed one pair of his old shoes in the trash when we got home.

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