Sunday, June 13, 2004

The boys' first day

It was supposed to be yesterday, but Eric had the wrong date on his watch. He also had a migrane headache, and missed the day. Or something. Whatever.

Daniel is a little taller. After 2 years I expected that, but his mannerisms have not changed one bit. Neither has Shea, and while he is wearing a size 6 now instead of a size 4 like two years ago, he doesn't seem to have changed much. We went and explored a new park after lunch, came home and had some pizza, then went out to Roosevelt Park. There were some kids there with various balls and toys, and I discovered that Daniel had changed. He now knows how to play every sports game played, as well as several that have not been invented yet. Soccer is his favorite, and he's very good at it. He's very good at catch, although the ballfields were already being used. There were some people playing volleyball, and Daniel ran after their ball once, and tapped it back to them using perfect form. For Volleyball.

They had a rough day, so it was difficult to tell what his actual energy level is, but I have a feeling that while their schedule is solid and they get enough food, they'll both be able to run and play for hours at a time. Me, I start to sweat and breathe heavy after 10 minutes. But I'm having fun.

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