Friday, July 20, 2007

911 Truth: Please give us the facts

Ed Schultz doesn't believe that there are firefighters from New York who are afraid to speak up and speak out. I agree.

I don't think there are firefighters who are too scared of threats from the Men in Black or something, and are unwilling to sacrifice themselves in order to SAVE THE COUNTRY!

So, give us the names. Give us the name of someone who wanted to testify, but wasn't allowed to. Give us the name of someone who DID testify and is willing to tell the American People what they told the 911 Commission.

I've watched the movies. I know the questions. But I'm just as tired of speculation as everyone else is. Give us sworn testimony, from someone who is there, who saw "the bombs" or whatever. Either that or help us win in 2008 so a Democratic President can do a real investigation and get to the bottom of what happened and throw the guilty into jail.


Rob J said...


I am in agreement that rumors MUST be substantiated with actual names (those willing to testify) otherwise, they can only remain "rumors" in the public eye.

My fear is that many of the "movers & shakers" who perpetrate abuses of power really do fall outside of the standard "democrat" vs. "republican" paradigm.

I know of a LTC in the Army Reserves who was fighting a legal battle against former "Clinton-ites" in the F.B.I. who had botched a 9/11 tip. These Clinton loyalists had botched the 9/11 apprehension of potential bombers (according to LTC Tony Schaffer), but then tried to "cover their tails" by having his top secret security clearance taken away.

BUT, on the Republican side, the office of the Vice President is currently utilizing the same type of obstructionism in failing to open itself to Congressional review.

My own solution (and why we co-labor on-line as a progressive and as a conservative) is that we are concerned with restoring due process and checks & balances on power to the American Government.

So . . . the answer won't be "elect a Democrat" nor will it be "elect a Republican," but instead pooling talent from BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

Blessings in Jesus,
Rob J King

the roy said...


I enjoyed your rant and think Rob hit on my observation as well.

Republicrats and Demoblicans are the ones that were the 9/11 Commission and signed off on the report.

It's a dream to think that any of these folks are going to re-investigate 9/11.

From all the documentaries I've seen, surely you can't be saying that there were no police officers and firefighters that heard the bombs.

You just want it in writing?

Do you really think that a Democrat is different from a Republican?

I'm sure you saw this video, but here's a link to my blog.


Chad Lupkes said...

Republicans and Democrats are labels that people use to identify what infrastructure they rode into office. It doesn't matter who we elect, we should be pushing everyone to reopen the investigation and get us answers to the questions. I don't believe in marking things as secret for national security reasons when true security lies in the American People knowing and understanding what happened, who failed, and what is being done to make sure that failures like this never happen again. Keeping things in files marked "Top Secret" just makes me scream, because it means that my government is trying to protect someone whose failure resulted in the deaths of my fellow citizens.

I don't know what happened on 9/11. I wasn't there, I didn't see or hear it. I watched the collapse of the second tower on television from work. Whether I get it in writing means nothing to the 3,000 who died on that day or the 4,000 who have died fighting the "evil doers over there" since. And the reason why it doesn't mean anything is because I, personally, don't have the power to grab the guilty by the scruff of the neck and throw them behind bars. I want my government to do it's job.

I'm saying that if there are police officers and firefighters who saw bombs, know about bombs or have knowledge beyond what is in the 911 Commission Report, they need to call a news conference, show their evidence, tell their story, and then we, ALL OF US, need to stand on the heads of our elected representatives until we know the truth, believe it to be the truth, and everyone guilty of murdering, through action or inaction, are in jail for the rest of their lives.

I hope that's clear enough.

theroy said...

Extremely clear. I meant no offense. I'm a firm believer in open dialog.

I also think it helps to have people point out the inconsistencies of where your words might not be as clear in writing as your thoughts are in your head.

Obviously, I touched a nerve, so pardon my intrusion into your world.

Chad Lupkes said...

And no offense taken! Sometimes I can be too much of a wordsmith, so feedback helps.

No intrusions. This is an open blog with open dialogue welcomed and encouraged.