Sunday, July 29, 2007

Corel fails a basic customer service test

From my wife to Corel:

Two weeks ago I ordered a decoder from you. 10 days ago you took the payment from my bank account. About the same time, I emailed you requesting an update about my order and got no reply. One week ago I called and canceled my order because the email I got from you had none of the information or links I needed to download and I was getting no customer support at all. 4 days ago I got the email with the link, but no serial number, and so I emailed you yet again and got no response. Again.

I tried calling yesterday, Fri. 7/27/07, and was on hold for over fifteen minutes. Since your office hours coincide with my work hours, I cannot sit on hold for personal issues for that long, so now it seems I can't even call you and talk to a real person. Instead I have to write these emails which get no response whatsoever.

As of today, it's been 2 weeks since I placed my order. I have no way of downloading my product but you have taken my money and, over a week after I canceled, you still have not returned my payment.

I will be contacting my bank on Monday 7/30/07 to dispute the withdrawal on my debit card and if I don't receive my money back by Wednesday, 8/1/07, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint.

I do not want any of your products anywhere near my computer system. I have canceled my order and not gotten my money back, which constitutes theft on your part. It would be easiest for everybody if you would reverse the charge and end this facade.


Kermit said...

I have to agree with you about Corel's customer service - it seems likely they don't even want our money!

I accepted Corel's offer to up grade my faithful old JASC Paintshop Pro" which has recently been taken over by Corel, with a 30 day trial.

Unfortunately the updated program has a bug which prevents it correctly rendering emf vector files which look spot-on in the old software.

With great difficulty I found an email address for Corel and explained the problem with pictorial attachments. No reply.

Next I logged on to Corel's Customer Support Centre and after telling them a raft of private information, they allowed me to explain yet again what the problem was.

This time I got an automated reply which amongst much irrelevant suggestion, I was advised by a real named person that they did not support "Trial" software for free.

At this stage I was ready to kill someone or something and I let rip with a rather politically incorrect opinion of Corel.

Within 5 minutes, I received another copy of their reply message again with the information that they did not support trial software.

I'm not sure where I go from here but the good news is they have not got my Mastercard number and there is other well reputed photo software all over the internet.

Thankyou for this opportunity to vent my spleen.


Outsource Call Center said...

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