Saturday, November 01, 2008

Transforming the Money Shadow

Debi sent me this article:

"Transforming the Money Shadow" by Deborah Price

Do any of us really understand Money? I'm leaning towards advocating that we set natural laws for money, similar to energy and matter. As in can neither be created or destroyed. I'm sure Bailey is going to say that this would destroy the world.

It's time we grew up as a civilization and learned the lessons of history. We need to break out of the web of debt that we are in. We need to take control of the Federal Reserve, which issues the money. We need to eliminate derivatives, and stop FTD's. I don't mean the flower guys, I mean "Failure To Deliver" on stocks and trades. Another name for it is "naked short selling", and it's against the law. has an article about it.

The first step is to educate ourselves on the subject.

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