Thursday, November 20, 2008

We can weather failure

"I have this great idea that will get people engaged, educated and empowered! If I just build this brand new website, or conduct this training that I've been trained myself to give, then everything will come together and we'll be on our way into a brand new world!"

Ever heard this? Ever said this? I have. And I've been left holding the bag, or the website, or the bill for the meeting location when 5 people showed up for a place capable of handling 150. It hurts. And it's left me with an understanding of what it takes to build a movement, sustain a movement, and succeed at something with a movement. I'd like to give everyone that chance to learn, and give our district, our party and our country a chance to succeed.

If you have an idea, and I'm talking mostly to North Seattle mostly but it applies to anyone anywhere, and you think you can make something work, conduct a training, hold an event, or whatever, ask me. If I like your idea, if you can sell your idea, I'll support it however I can. Because we can weather failure. We can learn from mistakes and do things better next time. We can do that.

What we can't do, and shouldn't do, is not try things. We can't waste energy, but we shouldn't be afraid to invest with risk if the payoff might be good.

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