Monday, October 31, 2011

Scott's ghost said "hi" today

I'm a believer in ghosts, to some extent.  I believe that as long as we hold someone in our hearts, their spirit and memories come back to haunt us in ways we don't expect.  This morning as I was finishing up the Demogram, I did what I always do and searched for a previous email to our printer that had the correct description of the steps necessary to print out a 6 page newsletter.  It's smaller than normal this month.

The only email that came up in my search was from October, 2007.  It was an email from Scott to Trade Printery about that month's Demogram.  That was the last time we had a 6 page newsletter, and it was the last Demogram he edited as Chair of the 46th.

History and memories create some very powerful ghosts on Samhain.

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