Saturday, November 05, 2011

Am I running for the House seat in the 46th?

Since I submitted a questionnaire, I've had several people contact me after reading it to ask me this.

I'm comfortable as the Chair of the 46th District Democrats. During an eboard meeting to prepare for the upcoming Special Caucus on November 10th, we discussed the necessity of having three names submitted to the King County Council for the Senate appointment. I was asked to fill out the Questionnaire. I filled it out like I was a serious candidate. How could I not? That would dishonor the position and the PCOs who have to make the decision.

I don't like making "the ask". I like hearing other people's views. So let me ask this question in response: Do you WANT me to run?

I know our platform. I like to say that I'm about as "progressive" as you can get. Does that make you want me as an elected representative? The best person is a balance of passion, experience, connections and an ability to work within the system, at least in my mind. I won't be deciding who I support until I write a name on the ballot.

I guess it's up to the PCOs in the 46th.

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Chad Lupkes said...

For anyone who is watching, the answer is no. I'm not running. Sunday was very humbling for me. Scott's optimism and ability to see a way to get things done is not something I can match or learn.