Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kentridge High School, 20 year reunion

I just tossed into the recycle bin the invitation to my 20 year Kentridge High School Reunion. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I haven't heard from more than a handful of people in my graduating class of nearly 500 people since June of 1987. I guess I never made really good friends. I wasn't involved in any sports, I didn't join any serious clubs or clics, and kept to myself other than Choir, most of whom probably didn't give me much attention anyway. After High School, I tried a year at Washington State University, then joined the Navy for 6 years. When I came out of the Navy, I was a completely different person, and never looked back. So, I have low motivation to attend it in the first place.

My 10 year reunion, in 1997, was skipped because I was busy trying to keep my business afloat and starting a new family. My wife at the time thought it would be good to attend, but I wasn't really excited. See above. So we didn't go.

This 20 year invitation was from "Reunions with Class", and will be held at the Muckleshoot Casino. No thanks. If anyone should profit from something like this, it should be the Kentridge Alumni Association, which doesn't exist to my knowledge, and be held at the High School itself. And I still don't have motivation to revisit with people I didn't know 20 years ago.

If someone can give me some good motivating reasons to attend this thing, I'll reconsider.

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