Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some charities deserve it.

Back in January I did some research on charities, and got really frustrated by the way charities were focused on getting donations, but such a low percentage of those donations actually went to their programs. So I set some standards.

If a charity calls me and the Programs to Donations ratio from the Secretary of State's website is higher than 50% for an out of state charity, I'll donate. If the charity is from within the state, I'll lower that to 25%, because I know that the people making the phone call are also within Washington State and need to earn a paycheck.

I had Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth call me today, and their ratio is 28%. Bravo!

So I thought I'd share.

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bushtool said...

I once audited a local chapter of a national charitable organization. For many years, this chapter spent more money raising money than they received in donations. The donations never exceeded their fundraising expenses. And the director of the chapter received a rather large salary. The national office bailed the chapter out each year with money to keep it going.

I never understood how this could happen. Seems to me the director's salary should have been limited to the chapter receiving sufficient donations to fund the payout except for maybe the first year of operation. Or the chapter should have been dissolved.

So charities can lose sight of their mission and one should investigate before dumping money on them.