Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Washington DNC members

Dwight has put up a form for people to use to contact the Washington State DNC Members, and has invited us to communicate our thoughts on who they should vote for at the DNC Convention. I hope that he keeps the form up after the caucus cycle is done so we can stay in touch with our representatives to the DNC.

Here is the letter that I wrote:

I started this cycle as an Edwards supporter, focused on his platform priorities of poverty and giving the power back to the people. It's the same message from Howard Dean that got me involved in the party in 2003 and 2004. I was extremely disappointed that his campaign did not survive the contest, but to be honest I knew last summer that he wouldn't make it. He was focused on Iowa and New Hampshire, to the exclusion of the other states. Washington's campaign didn't even get started until November. I knew he was done, but I stayed focused on his message, built the Washington for Edwards website and worked to effectively use the vote file within his campaign.

I am now a delegate for Obama from the Precinct level to the LD level. I'll probably run for CD level delegate so I can help decide who goes to the National Convention. I am completely thrilled with the amount of grassroots support that Obama is getting from people and groups that have never before been engaged in the political process. I hear from many of them that they will only stay engaged if Obama wins. And I believe them.

Either of our candidates is capable of being a great President. But looking at the situation from the perspective of a party organizer, I honestly believe that the future of the Democratic Party depends on choosing the candidate who will bring new people into the process, not the one who will drive people away. I think Hillary is a great Senator, and I honor her years of work. But I believe that only Barack Obama has the ability to bring our country together in November and win the White House. Not for the Democratic Party alone, but for the people of this country.

Please support Barack Obama with your superdelegate votes at the National Convention.

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