Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random rant

Thanks Mom. You really know how to get me going on a rant.

Iraq's unemployment rate is something like 70%. It's even worse in Afghanistan. It was much worse after we threw a billion dollars to them in the 1980's to defeat the Soviet invasion, then left them to starve in the 1990's. Do you know who trained Osama bin Laden and the Taliban fighters? We did. Then we left them without roads, without schools, without water and without a future. So they're trying to take away our future. What's the best way to change that? To my mind it is to make sure that the young children growing up in those societies have something better to do than march in the street because their schools are shut down. It's to give them roads so they can work on farms and get products to the market. It's to give their families water, electrical power, and the other necessities of a hopeful life. If kids are in school and looking forward to their future, they don't shoot other kids in the parking lot of Northgate Mall, like what happened on Friday night. They don't get recruited as suicide bombers. And they don't hate. The best way to eliminate an enemy is not to let people grow up hating us. We have 2 or 3 generations of people in the middle east and around the world who have grown up hating the Western powers because WE HAVE IGNORED THEM and thrown them to the religious leaders who want nothing but power for themselves. What was the best way for the European church leaders to prevent the uprising that was coming? Send the fighters to Israel so they don't storm the church looking for the money and food that had been stolen from the people to feed the Kings and Cardinals.

I wasn't talking about Muslims growing up. I was talking about US growing out of our quest for power and wealth. Wealth we are proving by our actions that we DO NOT DESERVE.

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