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Anonymous said...

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apparently, the old saying about love and war should be amended to "in love, war and elections all is fair".

Since this add will definitely HELP in victory of BO (but, I sincerely HOPE, not in the ways he may have wanted to win), it may be worth reminding people what a wise man said:"In democracy, people very often get the government they DESERVE".

I am DEEPLY disappointed and I feel that the author who prepared this is insulting my intelligence ... I am assuming that Sen. Obama, as someone who brings NEW politics of CHANGE will not go for Goebels-Rove tactics, and will denounce implications of this cute video.

The following is intended for people who will turn the brain ON, and keep their freaking emotions where they belong (again, regardless of whom they support in the election).

1. I am assuming that this Goebelsian-Rovian video is unofficial response of BO camp to the idiotic "who do you want to answer the call" spot by HRC camp, which I was screaming about yesterday as an insult to my intelligence, too.

2. the support of "open" talks with Iran from HRC is the statement that PREDATES current geopolitical situation (and Iranian electoral politics) - thus, it is VERY UNFAIR to use it against her (regardless of whom I sympathize as a candidate).

3. the idea that B-C-B-C presidency chain is somehow realization of New World Order and that people will be significantly better off (more free, less poor etc.) just because of this electon is socio-politically naive and simplistic (like her or not, people who use this argument AGAINST her candidacy, should criticize idiotic campaigns of AG, RN, Supreme Court etc ... BEFORE they go all CONSPIRACY on us). In reality, the lives of many people will be the same (equally worsening from year-to-year in the next 3-5 years), regardless of who is elected.

Democracy evolved for several reasons, two of which touch upon the current (un)pleasant choice(s) facing primaries voters: (1) to take down a dynastic system and (2), to allow anyone (regardless of race, gender, marital connections etc ...) capable of being in the leading role to have a somewhat fair shot at winning. Luckily for Dems, this idiocy ("hey, we are Dems and pro-Dems --> we have to find one more way to shoot ourselves in foot") will probably not be relevant as HRC is increasingly unlikely to be the nominee.

4. for people who actually want to respect history (not 8-year cycles of fuck-ups, I mean real history), the plans of Persia/Iran to control the south shores of Persian/Arab gulf are 2500 yrs old (about 1000 yrs older than Islam!!), and are not the types of plans that are going to be shelved away anytime soon. Voting to send the warning to their messing in the affairs of small and large Arab nations and to publicly acknowledge that the game is up, is a rare piece of a GOOD MOVE in Middle East. Example of such a centuries-old plan recently coming to fruition is final victory of Russia in controlling Serbia to the extent they have not managed ever before (courtesy of W's politics, not courtesy of WJS's politics).

5. "walmart connection" does not bother to point out a well-known fact - that her membership on the board was not pleasing "corporate types".

I am tired of this - I want the third major party - I doubt there will be a good one in my lifetime.


Anonymous said...

KUDOS to you....let's wrap this thing up on Tuesday so we can progress the movement toward November and beyond.

Kelly Virgulto

Anonymous said...

Found your blogspot through CUGOS. You say you're not a groupie, but it sure sounds like you are. Maybe you are not a very experienced person at being deceptive, so understandably your attempt to pretend to not be an Obama worshipper is transparent. My suggestion: Stand up for who you really are -- a dyed-in-the-wool, old-school-politics of candidate worshipping but-pretending-to-be-more-open-minded-than-that.

Chad Lupkes said...

Dear Anonymous,

At least you know my name. Just because I have never supported Hillary Clinton doesn't mean that I have ever been or am now an Obama "groupie". I think he could be a great president. But if you would do your homework, you'll know that Obama did not really catch my attention until February 9th.

So please. Get a clue.