Thursday, July 17, 2008

Netroots Nation, Day 0

Some people flew into Netroots Nation. Others drove or took the train. I decided to make it complicated. At the end of a 2 week visit by my sons, Daniel and Shea, we took the train from Seattle to San Francisco (Emeryville, just north of Oakland), then I flew from Oakland to Dallas/Ft Worth and then to Austin. I love the train.

During the day. At night is another story. I found out that I can't sleep on the train any better than I can sleep on an airplane. It's a 24 hour trip from Seattle to Emeryville, and I think I got about 2 hours sleep. We got in about 8:45, and Sarah gave me a ride to the Oakland Airport. Got checked in and ready to go about 9:30, and waited until 2:40. The wireless was not free in Oakland, so I couldn't access the Internet to find anything. I even tried Clearwire, but no signal. Clearwire outside of Seattle seems to be a bust.

In Dallas, I tried again. Or at least I would have if I hadn't left my Clearwire modem in Oakland. I'm waiting for Lost and Found to get back to me. I finally got to Austin around midnight, and after a little confusion on which Hilton I needed to get to, finally got to the hotel around 2am. Guess what, wireless is not free in the downtown Hilton either. Only in the conference center. Oh well, at least I could sleep.


WSPC Voices said...

Only transport missing is an auto,eh? So this is where you are,eh? Glad to hear you made it ok. Keep us q'd when you can... Have fun!

R.Austin Sr. said...

Wish we were there! Naw,wait did you say Austin,TX? Nevermind. Share as much as you can. Take lots of photos, always good to have documentation...LOL

Chad Lupkes said...

No camera, no cell phone. Just my laptop and my cough.